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Rwanda - Nkora - Micro Lot - Single Origin Green Beans
Rwanda - Nkora - Micro Lot - Single Origin Green Beans

Rwanda - Nkora - Micro Lot - Single Origin Green Beans


A delicious coffee with a beautiful citric / lime acidity

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About This Product

From Rwanda's Nkora Wash Station 
AB Grade
Washed Arabica

This coffee grows at an altitude of 1,490 meters and the average Rainfall in that area is 1,250mm per annum

The processing method is the wet process (washed)

About Nkora Wash Station:

The Nkora coffee washing station is owned by Caferwa Sarl within the group of KZ Noir subsidiary companies. Nkora washing station is located in Rutsiro district in Western Province of Rwanda in the Kivu region. Nkora is the oldest and biggest coffee washing station in Rwanda with the capacity to handle 500 ton of parchment coffee. Nkora has the track record and experience in producing coffees of the highest quality.

Under KZ Noir management, the highest production to date is 335 ton during 2012.
Nkora washing station built a kindergarten school to serve the farmers’ children in partnership with Tools for Schools (Non-Governmental Organisation). Using the Farmer Management System (FMS), African Agro Produce and KZ Noir will build and enhance the traceability of coffee processed at the wash station to farmers and farmer households using the FMS platform. This will provide greater accountability to the financial and social benefits provided by the trade with Nkora. It will track and show impact on the farmer households.