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Nicaragua - Maragogype - Single Origin Coffee

Nicaragua - Maragogype - Single Origin Coffee - 250g at The Coffee Roasting Company Zoom

Nicaragua - Maragogype - Single Origin Coffee

Special Microlot from Buena Espreanza Farm

Mild and Nutty taste

A Gentle Giant for those sensitive to high acidity coffees




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Product Description


    Full City Roast with a very Mild body

    Also known as the Elephant bean,

    Ideal for late night mildness or for

    those looking for a nutty cup void of bitterness

Additional Information

    Additional Information

    Preferred Preperation

    Learning about coffee

    We are passionate about our coffee and believe in sharing our knowledge. Join us on a journey

    through the world of coffee and learn more about the history, production and preparations of the

    precious beverage. Ideal for team building, birthday celebrations or

    just for fun.

    Pre-booking is essential

    021 847 0536 www.coffeecompany.co.za Lourensford Wine Estate Somerset West

    Brewing Techniques

    R145 per person for 40-60 Minutes

    Mo-Fri between 9h00 & 15h00

    How does the brewing method change the taste of

    coffee? We will let you judge that.

    In this very interactive brewing class we prepare

    one Single Origin Coffee using 6 different brewing

    techniques. Plunger, Filter, Stove Top, Aeropress,

    Espresso and Turkish.

    Basic Barista Workshops

    R450 per person

    Mo-Fri between 9h00-13h00

    A hands-on, morning workshop which includes

    grinding & tampering techniques, espresso

    extraction, milk frothing and latte art. Practice

    makes perfect: There will be ample time to get

    your hands dirty.

    Basic Coffee Introduction

    R70 per person for 40-60 minutes

    Join us for a coffee journey around the world,

    where you will be tasting three different origins

    from different continents, highlighting the different

    taste profiles. You will be learning some of the

    fascinating facts about the history of coffee as well

    as the complex world around the production of this

    sought after drink. There will be enough time

    afterwards for you to ask question.

    The Coffee Roasting Company

    Coffee Tasting

    R40 per person

    Choose 3 of our Single Origin coffees per table to

    taste. Your friendly waiter will bring them out for you

    to try and answer any of your questions.

    Preferred Preparation:

    Which is the best way to prepare coffee?

    We have no prescribed brewing method for individual coffees, since their characteristics remain.  Plunger/French Press is the purest form of consuming coffee as it shows up all traits, good and bad.  Espressos tend to mask certain impurities as this is a fast, creamy, romantic extraction.  Adding milk changes the taste but 95% of coffee is drunk with milk.

    Whatever tastes good for you is all that counts.

    Our coffee comes in 250g pouches with clear front (to show off the quality of our beans) and metallic back.

    Pouches have zip locks for your convenience

    Since we roast daily only the amount of coffee we sell, so you are assured of freshness.

    We use roasting date labels in stead of sell-by dates

    Coffee has a half life of 2 weeks. After two months the oils start going rancid and your coffee has reached the end of its life. 

    Your old coffee grinds can be tossed into the compost.

    Tips to ensure a delicious cup

    So now that you have chosen a good quality coffee, remember that there are still a number of ways to really mess up your final cup.  Here are a few more boxes to tick:

    • Always use fresh clean water.
    • Store coffee in an airtight container and consume within 2 months.
    • Do not boil your water and definitely never ever re-heat brewed coffee.

    Use clean equipment

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