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Malawi - Mzusu - Single Origin Coffee

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Malawi - Mzusu - Single Origin Coffee


Smooth Coffee with a very mild body.

This coffee is well-rounded.

Fairtrade : Women in coffee initiative is a cause that was designed by MZUZU COFFEE to empower women who are in coffee industry to network and discuss industry issues to better livelihoods of their families

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Product Description


    We are a democratic and empowered Union of farmers. We produce our coffee with pride and care and we sell it with dignity and with knowledge and understanding of our markets and our customer needs

    Our 3000 member farmers (25% women) have been growing coffee since early 1930s. The union comprises of 6 cooperatives: Misuku hill bordering Tanzania where over 50% of our coffee is produced at attitude of between 1700 to 2000m above sea level. Phoka Hills (attitude 1300 -2500m), Viphya hills (1200 – 1500m), Nkhatabay highlands overlooking Lake Malawi (altitude 1000 -2000m), South East Mzimba on the south of Viphya plateau (altitude 1200 to 1700m) and Ntchisi East (altitude of 1200-1800m)

    After 16 years in operation, we are proud to be implementing a new strategy and coffee programme which focuses on empowering women through coffee farming.

    As such Mzuzu Coffee has introduced a Women in coffee programme, with the aim of:

    • Economic empowerement Of women.

    • Improving Quality of Life for women

    • Improving access to land, Coffee farms and asserts ownership

    • Encouraging women in decision making at cooperatives, Union and farmer organisation

    • Encourage joint decision making within coffee farmilies


    Promoting women employment in our Coopeartives and union

    "WE ARE COMMITTED TO THE FOLLOWING - Harrison Kalua- Chief Executive, Mzuzu Coffee

    1.  Empowering our Women Coffee Farners ECONOMICALLY through recruitment of more women to participate in coffee business

    2. Improving QUALITY OF LIFE for our Women Coffee Farmers

    3. Improving ACCESS TO LAND , COFFEE FARMS and other ASSETS by our Women Coffee Farmers

    4. Encouraging our Women  Coffee Farmers participate in DECISION MAKING in COOPERATIVES, UNION and Lower level farmer Organisation


    6. Promoting Women Employement in our Coops and the UNIONS

Additional Information

    Additional Information

    Preferred Preperation

    Preferred Preparation:

    We have no prescribed brewing method for individual coffees, since their characteristics remain.  Plunger/French Press is the purest form of consuming coffee as it shows up all traits, good and bad.  Espressos tend to mask certain impurities as this is a fast, creamy, romantic extraction.  Adding milk changes the taste but 95% of coffee is drunk with milk.

    Whatever tastes good for you is all that counts.

    Our coffee comes in 250g pouches with clear front (to show off the quality of our beans) and metallic back.

    Pouches have zip locks for your convenience

    Since we roast daily only the amount of coffee we sell, so you are assured of freshness.

    We use roasting date labels in stead of sell-by dates

    Coffee has a half life of 2 weeks. After two months the oils start going rancid and your coffee has reached the end of its life. 

    Your old coffee grinds can be tossed into the compost.

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