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Costa Rica - El Poeta - Single Origin Coffee Bean - 1kg
Costa Rica - El Poeta -  Single Origin Coffee Bean - 1kg

Costa Rica - El Poeta - Single Origin Coffee Bean - 1kg


Smooth Velvety flavor

Internationally certified as organic

Altitude: 1800 meters


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About This Product

Coffee from the Malay Archipelago is known for its exceptional qualities, a smooth cup with distinctive flavors and notes of herbs and spice.

“This coffee has these nice dark chocolatey flavors and notes of wild cardamom,” said Mackenzie Karr from Starbucks Coffee team. “It is balanced and approachable, a very drinkable cup that shows up nicely in a variety of brewing methods both hot and iced.”

Like most small-holder coffees from the Malay Archipelago, East Timor coffees are grown without chemicals, but Timors have the advantage of being internationally certified as organic. They are wet-processed at recently established wet mills or washing stations. Buying a Timor coffee at this moment in history means making a small but valuable gesture of support for one of the many peoples of the world caught up in sectarian and political conflict.

In terms of taste, most current versions of Timor are typical for small-holder wet-processed coffees from the islands of the Malay Archipelago: Low-key, sweet, with a musty pungency that can range from soft and intriguing to hard and oppressive. However, the very best and cleanest-tasting Timors can be extraordinary: full, round, smooth, sweet, and deliciously cocoa-toned. These coffees, already promising, may continue to improve as the first decade of the millennium unfolds.