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Colombia - Excelsor DECAF - Green Beans - 1kg
Colombia - Excelsor DECAF - Green Beans - 1kg

Colombia - Excelsor DECAF - Green Beans - 1kg


Green Beans

Colombian Excelsor Decaf


A Colombian favourite decaffeinated with the Sugar Can Ethyl Acetate Decaffeination Process

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About This Product

The Sugar Cane Ethyl Acetate Decaffeination Process

  1. Green coffee is received, sorted, and prepared for processing.
  2. Coffee is steamed for 30 minute prior to decaffeination.
  3. A low-pressure steaming process has opened the pores of the coffee, allowing for caffeine extraction.
  4. Coffee is placed in a solution of water and Ethyl Acetate (E.A.), a natural occurring compound and solvent derived through the fermentation of sugarcane.
  5. Green coffee is submerged in the solvent, which naturally bonds to the salt of chlorogenic acids within the coffee, allowing for the extraction of caffeine.
  6. Once the coffee is saturated, the tank is drained and fresh solution is introduced.
  7. This continues for 8 hours.
  8. After the last of the caffeine has been extracted, the coffee is removed from the solution and prepped for another steaming.
  9. The low-pressure steaming process removes the remaining traces of E.A.
  10. Decaffeinated coffee is then dried, physically polished to ensure cleanliness, and packaged for transport.

Good to know

The Sugarcane E.A. Decaffeination Process removes a minimum of 97% of all caffeine originally present within the green coffee. The residual amount of Ethyl Acetate equates to a maximum of 10ppm (a ripe banana naturally contains about 200ppm). Ethyl Acetate has an evaporation point of 70°C. As the coffee is roasted at a temperature well above this threshold, roasted coffee will present with no trace of this compound.