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Coffee Talks and Brewing Hints

Learning about coffee

We are passionate about our coffee and believe in sharing our knowledge.
Join us on a journey through the world of coffee and learn more about the history, production and preparations of the precious beverage.
Ideal for team building, birthday celebrations or just for fun.

Pre-booking is essential


Basic Coffee Introduction
R70 per person for 40-60 minutes

Join us for a coffee journey around the world, where you will be tasting three different origins from different continents, highlighting the different taste profiles.
You will be learning some of the fascinating facts about the history of coffee as well as the complex world around the production of this sought after drink.
There will be enough time afterwards for you to ask question.


Brewing Techniques
R145 per person for 40-60 Minutes
Mo-Fri between 9h00 & 15h00

How does the brewing method change the taste of coffee?

We will let you judge that. In this very interactive brewing class we prepare one Single Origin Coffee using 6 different brewing techniques.
Plunger, Filter, Stove Top, Aeropress, Espresso and Turkish


Basic Barista Workshops
R450 per person
Mo-Fri between 9h00-13h00

A hands-on, morning workshop which includes grinding & tampering techniques, espresso extraction, milk frothing and latte art.
Practice makes perfect: There will be ample time to get your hands dirty.

Coffee Cup

Coffee tastes much better if ground from beans just before brewing and drunk immidiately after brewing.

Here are the golden hints on creating a great tasting cup of coffee:

Use pure hand-picked high-altitude grown Arabica coffee (speciality coffee).

Most importantly, use coffee that was recently roasted. Less than  two weeks ago is best - freshness is key. Stale coffee tastes....well, stale (also, when making espresso, stale coffee gives little crema).

Use 60g of coffee per litre of water.

Grind the required amount of coffee in a burr grinder just before brewing (coarse for plunger, finer for filter, even finer for espresso).

Use water that tastes good (bad tasting water will continue to taste bad in the coffee...).

Heat the water to 92 degrees celcius or less - never use boiling water (coffee will brew at room temperature; it just takes several hours).

Make sure the brewing equipment is clean.

Warm up the equipment and cups before brewing the coffee.

Drink the coffee immediately after brewing - coffee has a wonderful unique taste because it is a reaction of over 900 flavour compounds with water that is in progress while you drink it. The water reacts with the coffee for about 15 minutes; then the game is over - ditch it and brew a new cup.

Brewing with a french press (plunger, Bodum): pour a little cold water on the grounds first. Stir coffee grounds while brewing.

Brewing with a drip filter machine: run two cups worth of water through the machine first to warm it and wet the paper before adding the coffee.

Espresso brewing:   Grind each shot individually. Tamp square, straight and hard. If the grind is too fine, tamp lighter. Pull the shot for between 20 and 25 seconds. The stream of espresso should be about 3mm to 5mm accross. Rinse and then wipe the group handle with a dry cloth between shots.