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Which is the best way to prepare coffee?

We have no prescribed brewing method for individual coffees, since their characteristics remain. Plunger/French Press is the purest form of consuming coffee as it shows up all traits, good and bad. Espressos tend to mask certain impurities as this is a fast, creamy, romantic extraction. Adding milk changes the taste but 95% of coffee is drunk with milk.

Whatever tastes good for you is all that counts.

Our coffee comes in 250g pouches with clear front (to show off the quality of our beans) and metallic back.

Pouches have zip locks for your convenience

Since we roast daily only the amount of coffee we sell, so you are assured of freshness.

We use roasting date labels in stead of sell-by dates

Coffee has a half life of 2 weeks. After two months the oils start going rancid and your coffee has reached the end of its life.

Your old coffee grinds can be tossed into the compost.

Tips to ensure a delicious cup

So now that you have chosen a good quality coffee, remember that there are still a number of ways to really mess up your final cup. Here are a few more boxes to tick:

Always use fresh clean water.
Store coffee in an airtight container and consume within 2 months.
Do not boil your water and definitely never ever re-heat brewed coffee.
Use clean equipment