Welcome to our new website, be sure to check out our ever-increasing offering of great single origin Coffees, special Blends and Equipment. 

Our Red Riding Hood Deli has expanded to include a lovely selection of fresh fruit and vegetables, pre-cut veg and ready-made meals. 

We deliver daily from Monday to Friday. Click here for all shipping details: https://www.coffeecompany.co.za/shipping

Our Roastery and Farmer's Market is open daily from Monday to Sunday from 8h00 to 17h00

Visit us for take away treats, coffees and to pick up your fresh produce.

Be sure to bring your own shopping bags, as we try to minimise packaging

There are, sadly, government rules that do not allow you to consume on site, nor for you to walk around on the farm. 

We would love you to linger but the powers that be don't want us to raise our joy and possibly boost our immune systems. It makes no sense, but we have no choice. Please be mindful of that and lets keep our doors open.